Thursday, 18 July 2013

Club Meeting (ALiAS)

(For all those who doesn't know what ALiAS is, it stands for AMITY LINUX ASSISTANCE SAPIENCE in short Amity's LINUX CLUB)

Okay so finally after a long semester break, and after nearly attending a week of our "CLASSES", ALiAS held it's first club meet of this semester. Kantesh Raj and Akash Chhabra gave the starting note about how this club works and how we collaborate over projects and most importantly what we are upto this semester. Moreover, interacting with some of the new members was quite interesting, and we all hope to see them in action pretty soon. Queries were taken up by the senior members of the club, regarding the most basic question of every LINUX newbie, WHY LINUX??
     Abhishek Unnikrishnan also gave some of the insight of his new network testing tool that he is making in PYTHON. Also for all the people who are interested in learning about socket programming and all, ABHISHEK IS ONE :P

Furthermore, it has been decided that club will hold it's meeting every week from 3:40 PM onwards every Thursday. Students who are willing to learn anything, share or collaborate over a particular project/talk are welcome. If you guys want any kind of TALK/DISCUSSION over particular subject, you guys can tell us, till Tuesday of every week. We'll upload a short note about the session which is to be covered in that week's club meet.

Hope to have more fun this semester.


Friday, 5 July 2013

Coding is non-seriously, SERIOUS

Been a while since I have been scratching things ranging from python, json, php to html5. All this just to complete the current project I've been assigned. So last night I came across a problem, where I need to create a scraper, to scrape some pages and display information in a specified format. For the first time I used nearly all of the above mentioned languages just to get the desired output, maybe what I did was #JUST-A-NOOB way of doing it, but it made me realise


Till the next time, Adios!

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