Friday, 21 June 2013

Things that you learn and IMPLEMENT

Being a computer undergrad, I was always very confused about the syllabus we go through in our course. I mean some of the subjects that are taught to us in college are brutally raped! to say the least. Last night I had to submit an SRS to my mentor, I know the slight indepth of SRS but I was not sure about it's practical feasibility. I mean Software Requirement Specification and for what?? but then I explore wikis related to SRS and found out that it is the integral part of software development. So being a LaTeX enthusiast I decided to type the whole document in LaTeX only. Though it gave me few hiccups in implementing the whole LaTeX thing, but actually it was fun other wise my #noobie knowledge of LaTeX was limited to making my english presentation and report.

    I just hope we'll go now with full throttle ON,  in this project and hope to make the best web application upto our standards!


Thursday, 20 June 2013

Project doesn't make me happy but memories do!

Okay so we finally got the neccessary details that were required to accomplish the project. But apart from the excel spreadsheets and details presentation there's only one thing that made a huge impact on me, MEMORIES. I am truly enjoying my internship days at IIC. Moreover it is not really an internship, it's more like a  class or should I replace it as 24 hours class. We eat here, sleep here and study here! A home away from home.
    Today as we chalked out our final plan regarding what approach we are going to follow to complete this project there was only one thing coming to my mind.




That's it for now, I'll update my blog regarding what I am doing and my project documentation. Just saving another draft of my experience for today, will publish that when my internship will get over. Till the next time adios. 

Friday, 14 June 2013

Python Scipt for Automated Download!

Let's say you have a text file, filled with the links from where you want to download pdf. Well a non-geeky way would be to copy each link into your browser window and download the file but what if the text file containing links has 100000+ links!! Well sounds time consuming, or if we settle for a mediocre value lets say 50 links from where you want to download the respective pdf file, so a mid-level linux user will tell you to fetch those pdf by using the following command

     curl --remote-name URL

But again it is also a very LAME! way to solve things, well here's a python script to download pdf using CURL only! So you guys must be confused PYTHON & CURL ! in the same domain, yes it is possible thanks to 'os' library of Python. Recently Satyakaam Goswami on IRC posted a link of google docs containing url of the pdf to be downloaded. He gave us strict instruction to generate a script for download. So what I did was I chose python, and created the following program to extract the pdf from a given set of links, moreover I also copied the link to a file and saved it on my directory (upon which I was working). Now all I need to do is execute the following code

import os
import time
print "Name of the file:",
for x in range(1,67):
    os.system('curl --remote-name'+line+'')

in place of 67 you can also take EOF as a parameter, since I copied the link from an excel file I was able to see that there were 67 links pertaining to the ROW NUMBER.

And when I typed those magic words
python *FILEnAME*.py

All files downloaded! BINGO!!

Feel free to comment or criticize or give suggestion over this problem which was solved by few lines of python code!


Excitement @IIC

It's been only few days and IIC (SOUTH CAMPUS DU) is like my second home. I mean the atmosphere and the people (well mostly senior) here are quite friendly and they share ideas and information. Even a small line of code, a bug removed helps! And I am loving it right now. Today I celebrated my birthday with few of these people whom I barely know but they are AWESOME!! I must tell you that, tonight we'll be coding some more stuffs, some more techy things will be discovered. Just uploading a few snaps to go through (B'DAY PARTY SNAP MISSING!!)

The last pic is of my terminal and workbench, I know my lappy is quite worn out but still works!

Till the next time ADIOS!!

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Working with COM ports in Python

Well as I was making my OPEN POWER MONITOR, I was not sure about how I will fetch data on a real-time basis from USB Port of my computer system. Moreover the only positive hope that I was having in the project was that it is open source and some or the other guy on IRC or Mailing List will help me :P

   Further more for the first time, I created a Python Script which would listen to the incoming data and moreover, would fetch the data on screen on a real time basis. But being guided by some members of the institution where I am currently enrolled as an Intern, I applied a PATCH! and that was that my program not only gave me readings, but also average reading after every 5 seconds. So user can compare between his/her previous and the new readings.

Well that's it for now. Will keep you updated about the progress of my presentation.

Till the next time ADIOS.......!

Saturday, 8 June 2013

How to make it much more cheaper????

The best part of blogging is that you write, what you really want to write! It's the only thing by which I can express what I feel. Well nevertheless, I have recently shifted to sector 49 Noida, and it's been only a day since I have been here and another new project has came into my mind. Last one and a half month have been very dear to me, to say the least. A good GPA, and an excellent insight into the world of Electronics. Now furthermore, I have a new project in mind "Cheap Alarm System". Recently I saw a news feed by Mr. Vinay Chaddha (GVC SYSTEM'S HEAD) that he had made an anti-theft system kind of thing which costs less than 5K, but I have been really think what if  I could furthermore lower the cost by lets say 2 to 2.5 thousand. Well my research work is on, hope I'll get some success. And moreover I didn't got time to write the wiki of my last project. I'll be doing so in a while...... Till the next time ADIOS!! 

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

In-House Project

Well just like any other computer science undergrad I have to complete my In-House Training project as per university rules. The only thing I like about college is during these two months of your summer holidays they keep you busy, WITH SOME PRACTICAL WORK! Obviously it's up to one whether he just copy and paste stuff from the internet or do some real work.

   I guess mostly people copy/paste stuff, add bit of their own flavor and voila! your project report is ready.
Nevertheless I was thinking about what should I do this summer, there were couple of offers of internship from B.S.N.L and N.I.C but since I have completed my second year only, I thought that I should do some project in the field of embedded electronics. During my first year, I got a glimpse and hands on experience of working with embedded systems and micro-controller, thanks to GVC SYSTEMS, but nonetheless I wanted my own involvement in the project with 0 percent outside interference. So finally after thinking a lot over the topic I came to a conclusion that yes I AM GOING TO STEP INTO IT !

I went to my mentor Mr. Manoj Baliyan and explained him that I wanted to create a practical training project in the field of embedded electronics. He was really very helpful and gave me enough freedom to decide the topic of the project, but he also cautioned me that I should consult him before submitting my final synopsis, the project title and what it would do.

 Nearly after a month my prototype is ready! *phew* Details coming up soon...