Wednesday, 28 November 2012

6 Strings that changed my life

 Something I wrote few years ago, found it in one of my old collection of hard drives

Those six strings, those rhythmic swings
Those woody smell, is all I get

The strumming divine,
grips me like a wine

Those six strings, surely changed my life.

Those mixed feeling, when you strum the G
Those nostalgic feeling, when you strum the E

The feeling of being alone yet feeling better,
Guitar is the only thing that holds me altogether.

My escape from reality,
the air that past by,
Sounds of tranquillity,
inside my mind.

Nay! I don't want your perception
I don't need your advice,
I am happy with the sole thing
My Guitar- my, life

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Mistakes I did .....

Admit it we all make mistakes, here a kind of TRIBUTE to mine

    A ray of hope, and bright sunshine,
    a misty feeling, all sublime.
   A spark that dwells in me,
   a mistakes I did recently.

Expectations, reality and high hopes,
Broken shattered, trust no more!
I was trying to be me,
a mistake I did recently.

Their face, looks and expression,
sad, unwell and depression,
the time of my life for me,
a mistake I did recently.

sorry, forgive and standing along,
they held me the way I am just born,
A path not to be covered by anyone including thee,
A mistake which I did recently

Friday, 16 November 2012


Couple of days back I was again working on my closed project, that is my website or to put precisely web-blog on fashion, I bought the domain and hosting in May and since then I didn't posted anything worthy on it. Moreover I deleted all the content of the website and redesigned it, Wordpress MY SAVIOUR !! :D

    And as I was editing my website certain thoughts crosses my mind. How many of us start something with great passion and then left that in between? I think this is the only difference between ordinary and extraordinary man. I personally like music and being a bassist I want to learn more and more but today, I think I am confined to my few basics and nothing else. Same goes with programming and techy stuff, I learn few and forget many I guess. So is this my short-coming?? Maybe Yes!

I am not afraid to accept that yes I NEED TO CHANGE, but the point of realisation should be smooth and impactful enough, that from now on you should not repeat your mistakes. There was a time when I want to try most of the things, but in the end I believe you become JACK OF ALL TRADES AND MASTER OF NONE!

But as one of my senior Anuvrat Parashar, told me one day during a small convo we had in our college cafeteria

And now I am trying hard to put things back together, to excel in every field and to become the supreme master of my field!

I know my blog ain't that popular, but do share with me what you guys feel.

Monday, 12 November 2012

Real Celebration

So it's Diwali time, here in India, means festivity, feast and party. For those reading this blog who don't know what Diwali is, it's a festival celebrated because on this day, Lord Rama(Hindu deity) ended Ravana's life who was a Rakshas(GOOGLE THE TERM :P) and returned to his kingdom Ayodhaya. I am always confused over one thing, why do we burnt unnecessary crackers during this time. I know Diwali itself sounds very festive in nature but the concept of bursting crackers is completely unknown to me.

 We all know burning of so much of crackers contribute to pollution, but on a personal level I think it's a complete waste of money. I don't want to sound modest here but think over it, wasting 10000 Rs. over crackers is it worth?? Festival doesn't say we have to celebrate it with BANG BANG BANGGIINNG (dirty minds out there don't you dare.... :P). I personally appreciate those people who celebrate each occasion with sincerity and with profound enjoyment including calmness during their "ENJOYMENT". Today I also went to the market to bought some crackers, very few I must say. But then I saw this 7 year old boy, who was just sitting there and smiling as he saw other people taking gifts.

I somehow was able to connect to that boy and instead of spending my money on crackers, I gifted him a T-Shirt! NO NO NO I am not telling you to think OMG! this guy is a god or I don't need anyone's sympathy, neither I ask for any kind of appreciation, I just want you to think of those in need before you spend your MONEY on your ENJOYMENT.

It's celebration time, so include everyone into it. So here's a thing according to me one must follow this Diwali.

  • Don't spend too much on crackers, avoid! Instead use them wisely or gift the needy.
  • Don't buy crackers with sound level exceeding the permissible limit, it may be harmful to you and to the old people as well. 
  • Don't DRINK OR BOOZE, be safe and enjoy the moment
  • Figure out a good plan of action for Diwali. 
That's all I can write as of now, so do give a thought over the issue. Till the next time, goodbye and Happy Diwali :) 

Saturday, 10 November 2012

Struggle b/w U and Society!

Probably the only thing that gives me comfort more than anything else is MUSIC. So the question arises WHY AM I NOT A MUSICIAN??? :P Probably you might have heard the same thing from millions of engineers out there but I personally fell it's the opposition you face from the society itself.
  To my last sentence many people will cry out "HEY DUDE, IF YOU'VE GOT GUTS THEN PLAY OUT LOUD". But for people like us, I think it's not like that. To be quite honest for me my parents are like GOD! so naturally when they say IT IS TO BE DONE, T'IS PERFORMED!. I always wanted to be a bass player but lack of knowledge about the music and most importantly about the music scene in India made me realised that it's not always that easy to succeed in music industry. People have made a channel, they have made a path, to be followed in your worst circumstances!
   If you're a science site student you are bound to do two things, number one go for the ultimate and most "EASIEST WAY" ENGINEERING, secondly "MEDICAL FIELD". Clear some dumb papers and after 4 years you'll be crowned as a SUCCESSFUL GUY! but the point is no one ask you whether or not you're happy with the thing or course you're pursuing.

I am not chanting the age old raga of struggle b/w what you want to do and what society wants you to do, thing is for students or more importantly for teenagers like us, it's always about our parents. So even if you have to do certain things which you may not like, but it's our tribute to our parents  and most importantly that sense of satisfaction you see on their faces.

I am into music anyway, I still play guitar though not in a commercial scene but I am happy the things have shaped up so far.

Since I am on my way to my hometown DEHRADUN, it's goodbye from my side and I hope you'll think and discuss on the above topic for sure!!

First Thought

It's five in the morning, and I am "FULLY AWAKE" and sound. Though I haven't spoken a single word from my mouth, yet multiple thoughts are ranging across my mind. It's like I am living with myself, and it's all about me right now. So the point is what is the first thought of the day. I personally believe that your first thought of the day, holds importance as it decides or it lay down the foundation how your day is going to be. I am not being "PHILOSOPHICAL" but the point is first thought means you are INTO IT, COMPLETELY.
   Most of you might say, "I DON'T WANNA GO TO WORK/SCHOOL/COLLEGE" is my first thought of the day, but come on guys I know that so obvious after all we all need that MOVIE TYPE VACATIONS. But on a  serious note my first thought of the day is all about What's Next?

I mean it's almost been 20 years since I "LANDED" on the planet EARTH :P and I am amazed by the quality of time I have spent so far. I wanna live more and I want to explore more. My first thought of the day is all about what's in store for me??

I think probably that's what makes me what I am today :)

  And in the end

" Leave back all your worries and troubles of yesterday,
Make yourself a silent promise to make today a better day.
Now my dear friend, a brand new day lays ahead of you,
Face it with pride, because it is a gift and is totally new.
May all your goals and ambitions for the day be set,
I wish you have an amazing day and a night without regrets.
Good morning buddy. Have a grand day! "

Thursday, 8 November 2012


It's 8 A.M and I am pretty much sure that in today's exam I am going to do well. Probably this is not the best time to write a blog as such, but still something is up in my mind. The only thing that has been going through my mind is leaving behind failures and moving on!

   Admit it, YES we all must have seen failures in our lives. But, does this stop us from living? It's been  rightly said


But probably one of the hardest thing is to get up and get going. After meeting any failure in life, we all say we'll get through this but the only thing which is quite difficult is the recovery itself.

Personally speaking I have seen quite a lot of failures but I think they have made me more strong and they have also made me analyse my past mistakes. So anyone who is currently going through rough patch, HANG ON BRO! because there's always light at the end of the tunnel.

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Lover or Hater???

Well I am in Love!
Shocking opening line I believe but then again it's not more shocking than the fact that I have just realised. I am in Love, I am her lover, I love her to the core. But at the same time, I yes I am the biggest "HATER". Sounds conflicting or contradicting, but I believe the thing I am going to explain just now will make you understand why am I saying so.

Love, a force that binds us together,
like million broken parts that incites us altogether,
I love you, and you love me too
and yes! we are the perfect two!

But I have this fallency,
TO HATE THESE DAYS, has become my tendency,

I hate when someone touches you,
I hate when someone looks at you,
I hate when someone hugs you,
And I hate when someone caress you!

I hate when you go out with so called "FRIEND"
I hate when you say I know him well
I hate when your known says "LOVE YOU TOO"
I hate when someone cries your name and say "I KNOW YOU!"

I hate when you click pictures with someone else
I hate when you go movies with them
I might hate this world for sure
You are mine and I am your
that's a fact, a universal truth, you must know......

I am a hater, I am a lover,